Duncan Eagles
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"Counteraction" The Latest Album From Duncan Eagles +  Partikel.

Now available on Whirlwind Recordings

New album coming 2019 on Ropeadope. Stay tuned for more details...

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"Think of the sound of JD Allen on "I Am I Am" played through the filter of an English sense of melancholia" DownBeat USA

"Saxophonist Duncan Eagles holds the stage with his attractively dry tone, sharpness and the urgent ferocity of his tenor improvising" John Fordham, The Guardian

" Eagles's tone on his various horns achieves an impressive blend of colours and dynamics. His compositions and arrangements, embracing sinuous, sinewy elegance, spiky funk and languid ballads, repay close attention." BBC Music Magazine

"He’s a master in fine distinctions, who moves effortlessly between traditional and modern styles of playing" Klaus Gholke (booker at Jazz Im Braunschweig, Germany)

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Latest News

Feb/March 2018 -  I'm happy to announce that I will be releasing my debut album under my own name next year with USA label Ropeadope Records joining a roster of award winning artists including Christian Scott, Terrace Martin and Snarky Puppy. 

Most of my time is spent trying to write and shed for the new album however there will be a few London gigs beofre we go into the studio. I hope you can join us at Pizza Express, Dean Street, London on the 3rd June at 1pm. This will be our final gig before we head into the studio.